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Catherine Aird:
A Late Phoenix
A Most Contagious Game
Henrietta Who?
His Burial Too
Parting Breath
The Religious Body
Slight Mourning
Some Die Eloquent
The Stately Home Murder

Delano Ames:
Corpse Diplomatique
Murder Begins at Home
She Shall Have Murder

H.C. Bailey:
Black Land, White Land
Shadow on the Wall

Morris Bishop:
The Widening Stain

Nicholas Blake:
A Question of Proof
Thou Shell of Death

Dorothy Bowers:
The Bells of Old Bailey
Deed Without a Name
Fear and Miss Betony
Postscript to Poison
Shadows Before

Pamela Branch:
Lion in the Cellar
Murder Every Monday
Murder's Little Sister
The Wooden Overcoat

Glyn Carr:
Death Finds a Foothold
Death on Milestone Buttress
Death Under Snowdon
Murder on the Matterhorn
The Youth Hostel Murders

John Dickson Carr:
The Case of the Constant Suicides
Hag's Nook

Torrey Chanslor:
Our First Murder
Our Second Murder

Clyde B. Clason:
Blind Drifts
The Death Angel
Dragon's Cave
Green Shiver
Murder Gone Minoan
Poison Jasmine
The Purple Parrot

Joan Coggin:
Dancing with Death
Penelope Passes, Or: Why Did She Die?
Who Killed the Curate?

Manning Coles:
Among Those Absent
Brief Candles
Come and Go
Drink to Yesterday
The Far Traveller
The Fifth Man
Green Hazard
Happy Returns
Let the Tiger Die
They Tell No Tales
A Toast to Tomorrow
With Intent to Deceive
Without Lawful Authority

Lucy Cores:
Corpse de Ballet
Painted for the Kill

Frances Crane:
The Applegreen Cat
The Amethyst Spectacles
The Cinnamon Murder
The Golden Box
The Indigo Necklace
The Pink Umbrella
The Shocking Pink Hat
The Turquoise Shop
The Yellow Violet

Norbert Davis:
Oh, Murderer Mine
Sally’s in the Alley

Elizabeth Dean:
Murder a Mile High
Murder is a Serious Business

Carter Dickson:
The Peacock Feather Murders

Eilís Dillon:
Death at Crane's Court
Death in the Quadrangle
Sent to His Account

Michael Gilbert:
Close Quarters
The Danger Within
Smallbone Deceased

Constance & Gwenyth Little:
The Black Coat
Black Corridors
The Black Curl
The Black Dream
The Black Eye
The Black Goatee
The Black-Headed Pins
The Black Honeymoon
The Black House
The Black Iris
The Blackout
The Black Paw
The Black Piano
The Black Rustle
The Black Shrouds
The Black Smith
The Black Stocking
The Black Thumb

John Mersereau:
Murder Loves Company

Gladys Mitchell:
Come Away, Death
Dead Men's Morris
Death and the Maiden
Death at the Opera
A Hearse on May-Day
Laurels Are Poison
The Longer Bodies
Merlin's Furlong
The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop
Tom Brown's Body
When Last I Died

Patricia Moyes:
Dead Men Don't Ski

Stuart Palmer:
Miss Withers Regrets
Murder on the Blackboard
Murder on Wheels
Nipped in the Bud
The Penguin Pool Murder
The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla
The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree
The Puzzle of the Silver Persian

Virginia Perdue:
Alarums & Excursions

Sheila Pim:
A Brush with Death

Craig Rice:
8 Faces at 3
The Corpse Steps Out
Home Sweet Homicide
The Wrong Murder

Kelley Roos:
The Frightened Stiff
If the Shroud Fits
Made Up To Kill
Sailor, Take Warning!

Charlotte Murray Russell:
The Message of the Mute Dog

Maureen Sarsfield:
Murder at Shots Hall

Margaret Scherf:
The Diplomat and the Gold Piano
Glass on the Stairs
The Green Plaid Pants
The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust

Juanita Sheridan:
The Chinese Chop
The Kahuna Killer
The Mamo Murders
The Waikiki Widow

Colin Watson:
Bump in the Night
Coffin, Scarcely Used
Hopjoy Was Here


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